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Koh Bon - Northern Similan (next island no.9)

Koh Bon is well known for his Manta encounters on the famous Koh Bon West Ridge. Between February and April you can spot here 9 out of 10 times this magnificent creatures. The West Ridge is covered with tiny yellow soft corals and hosts a large amount of fish. It is also common to see leopard sharks, eagle rays or sometimes the rare Guitar Shark.

A favourite dive site is the western ridge of the islet, which falls steeply away to the deep. The reef slopes from a depth of 10 metres down to sandy bottom at 25 to 30 metres. The majority of corals here are hard corals including staghorn coral and brain coral that are interspersed with a few big coral heads. The ridge is covered in tiny yellow soft corals and has an abundance of life due to the usually medium/strong currents but this is what brings in the big fish. This is the number 1 place in Thailand to see Manta Rays, they love to hang out on the ridge with us and get cleaned by the butterflyfish and play with our bubbles; all you do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Type of Dive: Wall, Slope, Reef, Drift

Depth: 10 - 40 metres

Visibility: 10 - 30 metres

Temperature: 27 - 29 degrees C

Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced

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