MV Bunmee D Weekly Schedule 2019-2020

I don't know anyone and have never been to a Fearless Teens event, can I still come?

Yes! Yes! Yes! New visitors and those that have been connected to Fearless Teens for a long time will all come together with the sole purpose of supporting each other on their Fearless Journey.

Who is this event for?

Teen girls between 6th and 12th grade

What if I don't struggle with fear and anxiety?

We all at some point in our lives deal with some sort of fear, worry, stress, or anxiety. So even if you are not currently battling with it, we encourage you to come and get filled up with practical and spiritual tools to equip you for a time when it might be needed.

I am not a very spiritual person.. will I get anything out of this?

Fearless Teens attacks both sides of fear - physical and spiritual. You will receive practical and spiritual tips on how to overcome fear and anxiety. Come take a chance, what do you have to lose?

What do I wear?

Feel free to dress any way you feel comfortable. Come as you are. There is no dress code.

What if I can't/ do not want to eat the provided lunch?

You are invited to bring your own lunch with you!

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