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Would it easier to book Taxi with us?

Why you need to pay a high price as local taxis in Airport or Phuket will charge you more than an actual price.Since the tours have booked with us let we arrange your transfers for the whole trip which are cheaper, effective and negotiable.By experienced diver who could communicate in English and make your destination straight to where you wanted.

To get the better price please contact Monkey Team's.



Don't you believe that Khaolak can surf?

There is a place called Memories Beach Bar is located at Pakarang beach where the bar and surfing spot.Surfers always come when it turns to low season because good waves.

But on Oct-Dec sometimes still waves as well.There are beach volley ball & football there with lovely local people and beach dogs.Tropically food and massage are provided here. Here are the price per person

  • 1,000 baht for one day surf class 

  • 1,300 baht incl. 1 night at hostel

  • 1,600 baht incl. 2 nights at hostel



Most of tourist have rented Motor bike to explore in Khaolak which is not many documents needed, cheap and compatible with Khaolak demography. There are fixed prices for a day renting as following

  • 250 baht/ 200-250 cc.

  • 300 baht/ +250 cc.

  • 400 baht/ +300 cc.

Only a copied of your passport then you can have a motorbike (2 pax maximum) for whole day.Let's exploring Khaolak.



Would you like to taste a local thai barbecue?

100% of the guest who staying at our hostel is requested to try, why? because we serve to the garden in hostel , we make a fire and what you just do is grilling and enjoy the food and their amazing sauce.

You can share with new friends here, this is a must in our hostel. Also, it's an outdoor activity that can joy with drinks and make a new friend , trust me! this food should not eat alone!.

  • 300 baht per set ( for 2 pax)

  • 400 baht per set (for 2-4 pax)    

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