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Thai-Muang Wreck


The Thai Muang Wreck "Condreco" was built in Sliedrecht in the Netherlands in 1976. She ended her days working for a Tin Mining company off the west side of Phang Nga province. After sinking in September 2000, a few hundred metres off Thai Muang beach, the Condreco now rests on her side at a depth of 20 meters.

The Condreco is in excellent condition with the most amazing soft corals and has attracted large numbers of Honeycomb & White-eyed moray eels, lionfish & all types of scorpion fish. It is also possible to spot Ornate ghost pipe fish here. There has been a lot of discussion as to whether to raise this wreck for salvage, and we don't know how long she will stay in this position off our coast, but for this season at least it is still possible to dive here.

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