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Kalamang D18 Speed Boat (Similan-Day Trip)

อัปเดตเมื่อ 24 ม.ค.

Speed ​​boat, Kalamang D18, the newest one! That will take everyone from Thap Lamu Pier to the dive sites around the Similan and Surin Islands, where they will dive from the Kala Mang boat itself. make it flexible convenient and fast Professional safety boat team In this season 2023, the boat will be released every day. Monday until Sunday (But depending on the number of customers of that trip as well) who just wants to go diving with a quick arrival, easy travel and time. There are trips to choose from every day. See details below.

After picking up everyone from hotels in Khaolak area, we will meet at Thap Lamu Pier. and the check-in point at the entrance pavilion to the pier Departs approximately 8.15 AM, there will be buffing on the boat and head straight to the dive site immediately. For those who do not like to take a long boat ride, we recommend booking with the Kalamang boat because the boat has a speed that can reach the Similan Islands in only 1 hour 40 minutes, while on the day when going to Richelieu Rock, it takes only about 1 hour. 20 minutes only

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Hotline : (+66) 065-539-4054 , (+66) 087-803-3011

Weekly Schedule of Kalamang 2023

Day / Dive Site








2 Dives/Day

Richelieu rock

Similan islands no.8-9

Koh Bon/Tachai

Similan islands no.4-7

Koh Bon

Similan islands

Richelieu rock

Diver price

Similan islands,Koh Bon & Koh Tachai

5,200 baht

Richelieu rock

5,400 baht

Non-diver price

Except Richelieu rock isn't allowed to snorkeling

2,800 baht

*Private charter a boat for diving Kalamang speedboat are available for chartering in the North Andaman coast. Can travel up to 20 people, starting price 35,000 baht - 45,000 baht (price for empty boat and crew only) For more information please contact our staff.