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South Andaman Season is open at the same time as North but not all dive sites are closed during low season. Especially, Phuket is always available for diving all year round which is Phi Phi islands, Racha islands, and some local reefs and wrecks surrounding Phuket island. 

The dive site in Phuket is easygoing by a big boat that mostly departs from Chalong bay and takes only 45-90 minutes to get to all dive spots such as King cruiser wreck, Koh Dok Mai, Shark point, Racha noi & Racha Yai,Bida nok & Bida nai etc.

if you travel to Thailand between May-Oct (low season), you can still book your dive trip in Phuket every day because these dive sites do not effect due to the sea conditions that much since all sites aren't far from the mainland and avoiding from the swells by the location which makes our boat can run the trip all year round.

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