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To meet your active scene, Gull bags range from boxy jumbo bags to stylish designs.Strongly made, these mesh bags hold a lot. They also come in various colors that you can freely coordinate with your gear. Make your life easier before and after scuba diving, skin diving, and other marine sports.



When you have to carry a bag heavily full of gear, a grip handle is a blessing.
Neoprene handle is softer on hands and cushions shoulder carrying.


Stow all your gear in a large-capacity mesh bag. The U-shaped opening makes it easy to put things in and take things out. A side pocket keeps your smaller items handy.

A mesh bag with a mesh bottom allows drainage and air circulation:rinse in the bag and dry on the go.

Gull Square Mesh Bag

฿3,290.00 ราคาปกติ
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