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นี่คือหน้ากาที่ดีที่สุดจาก Gull แบรนด์ดังจากประเทศญี่ปุ่น


Styled with beautiful curves, boasting high performance, whether you are scuba diving or skin diving, this single-lens mask is ideal.


Inclination 10 degrees

The inclination angle and shape of the lens work together to extend the downward field of vision. You can see better through the arc down to chest level, which is where most diving tasks are carried out.


Skirt with curled lip and integrated strap clip 

All-in-one design ensures firm but gentle contact with the face. When you pull on the strap, you get an effective seal that is less likely to leave impressions on your skin.


Soft damper 

Normally, due to pressure squeeze and other causes, mask frames designed to improve the downward arc of vision tend to exert more pressure on the cheekbones. The soft damper relieves this stress.


Drain skirt 

The drain skirt design improves water expulsion during mask clearance and minimizes water pooling.


DX spec mask buckle

While the mask is fitted, the release buckle and fine pitch strap adjustability make it easy to find the most comfortable fit. Even wearing thick gloves, you can easily adjust the mask using one hand.

Gull Vader Mask

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