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P H U K E T   L I V E A B O A R D

There aren't many boats operating a liveaboard in Phuket but this is one of the best experience for diving destinations in Thailand that you can ever find.Phuket is well know that you can dive all year round so, it's pretty good if you can take a dive course here in one go.

We offer the best dive sites in Phuket. As well as offering the Racha Noi-Yai is the second most popular dive site in Phuket. Besides the fact that it’s one of the easiest dive sites in Phuket, you would also expect all-day-everyday clear visibility. There are some small wrecks of scooters and stuff from big ships left behind.

Sea turtles would probably come to say Hi to your group at some point. They might even bring their good friend, Manta Rays to come to say Hi too. Racha Noi - Yai is probably one of the best dive sites in Thailand you would want to begin with, 


The famous wreck dive King Cruiser Wreck wreck diving does not have to be difficult every time. 
A big wall underwater is one of the highlights King Cruiser is offering. And the wall brings all kinds of aquatic animals to it. 

Phi Phi Islands is home for various hard corals and soft corals. And obviously those soft and hard corals bring all kinds of aquatic animals to the Phi Phi dive site. Sea turtles are also common to be seen in this area too.
Not just the underwater world, all the scenes from the surface would also blow your mind in a good way. It might take a while from Phuket to Phi Phi dive site, but here is a guarantee that you will leave with no regret. Using our weekly day trip schedule chose from the destinations or the days that fit best with your travel plans.

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