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Phi Phi Islands 

At the Southern end of the Phi Phi Islands chain lie two small rocky islands, both of which provide excellent and varied diving suitable for beginners and experienced divers. There are shallow reefs and steep walls, with depths from 8-28m. Leopard sharks are often seen on these sites, usually resting in the sand, but sometimes swimming – a beautiful sight.


Colourful soft corals are mixed with hard coral reefs where moray eels and scorpionfish hide. At Koh Bida Nai there is a beautiful archway filled with tiny baitfish which leads to a shallow hard coral garden. Bida Nok has several swimthroughs of the West side where you find a complex jumble of giant boulders. Turtles are occasionally seen on this reef.

Leopard sharks are quite common in this area, especially on the eastern side of the island. Blacktip reef sharks and whitetip reef sharks have been known to make appearances in the area and be sure not to startle bamboo sharks which may be hiding under rocks or cracks.

Schools of barracuda and trevally are often sighted near the east pinnacle as are snappers, mackerel and other pelagic species. Divers may also see seasnakes, cuttlefich and Kuhl’s stingrays.

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