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Elephant Head Rock-Similan no.8

Located between Islands 7 and 8, this first thing you will notice before you dive is one massive boulder rising above the surface, and next to it are another three boulders. The site is named for the largest and tallest boulder, which is said to resemble the head of an elephant. You may need to use your imagination as you look.

Elephant head dive site is the most famous spot of the Similan Islands. The name comes from the shape of the rock at the surface which looks like an Elephant’s head. There are many small caves, arches and swim-throughs which makes it an amazing playground for scuba divers. You can encounter many species of sharks like whitetip, blacktip and leopard sharks. The fish life is really varied and you will be amazed by the huge schools of pelagics like giant trevallies and barracudas hunting around the large granite boulders. This dive spot in the Similan Islands is better suited to experienced divers as the sea bottom is deep at around 70 m! The current can be also very strong there.

Type of Dive: Boulder

Depth: 16 – 40 metres diving depth

Visibility: 20 – 30 metres

Temperature: 27 – 29 degrees C

Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced 

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