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There is a choice of four different local day dive trips from Khao Lak: Bangsak WreckThai Muang WreckSea Chart Wreck and the Khao Nayak House Reef.

For our house reef and wreck dive day trips we use our two local Thai-style boats, typical of this area - the longtail boat - which we have specially adapted for diving, with a roof to protect you from the midday sun and a ladder to assist you on entering the boat from the water.


We have two local reefs close to Khao Lak which are perfect for divers who want shorter day trips.

Khao Na Yak, our house reef, is a small reef with a maximum depth of 9m which we use frequently for refreshers and training. It is also home to some unusual marine life which keeps experienced divers and photographers interested.

Our second local reef dive site is the Artificial Reef (also known as the Underwater Museum) with a maximum depth of 15m. This dive site has a collection of army trucks, a Navy patrol boat, a motorbike, and open concrete blocks and cones.


Khao Na Yak is a shallow reef located close to Khao Lak which we call our house reef.


Just a short 35-minute boat journey from the harbour, with 9m maximum depth and generally no current. In other words, this is a relaxing dive trip and an excellent site for a wide range of divers. Inexperienced divers can enjoy the simplicity of a quiet, easy dive site close to town.

This Khao Lak reef is also a great spot for doing some of the skill focused dives from PADI courses. For example, the PADI Open Water course, the PADI Advanced Open Water course or some of the PADI Speciality courses. In addition, Khao Nayak Reef appeals to experienced divers who like to focus closely on the unusual, especially small stuff. An extra bonus for photographers is the shallow depth, which means good light and a longer dive.
Many beautiful nudibranchs can be found here, as well as a few special creatures. It is also home to lionfish, cuttlefish, octopus, morays and a colourful selection of tropical fish. Overall, this Khao Lak reef is the perfect place to relax and focus.


The Artificial Reef is a collection of sunken army trucks and other structures, not far from Khao Lak.


The Artificial Reef project was launched in 2014 in honour of Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Sirikit. The aim of this Khao Lak reef is to attract marine life to the area. With a maximum depth of 15m this is an interesting dive site for both new and experienced divers.

You have the chance to dive amongst a number of deliberately sunken structures and see the marine life up close. There are about twenty army trucks, a navy patrol boat, a motorbike, a turtle statue and a group of open concrete blocks. Many more statues are planned for the coming years that will tell the story of the culture of Phang Nga.

Already home to a good variety of tropical fish and nudibranchs, we look forward to continuing development over the coming years.


Our three wrecks can each be dived on a half-day trip from Khao La