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ป้องกันไวรัส เชื้อราและพวกยีสต์ ตะไคร่น้ำ


The XTX50 Octopus is our top-of-the-line Octopus in terms of features and performance. It provides the same features and performance as the XTX50 second stage and includes left / right hand reversibility. It comes with a high visibility yellow front cover and a 36” yellow hose. Suitable for cold water use (below 10°C / 50°F).


• The XTX50 Octopus has a breathing effort control knob. This allows the diver to desensitize the unit when it not being used.

• The XTX purge buttons are large and easy to operate. A 2-stage progressive purge is used - press the purge on the side for a lower flow rate, useful where more control is required such as filling lift bags etc, then press in the centre for the full effect of the purge, i.e. when regulator clearing etc.

• Can be converted from a right-handed hose configuration to a left handed one. The process of changing the regulator to a left-handed configuration is both quick and simple. However, this procedure must ONLY be performed by an APEKS Authorised service technician.

• Braided flexi-hoses are now standard on all models. These hoses are lighter weight, more flexible and more durable.

• Suitable for coldwater use.
• Compatible with EAN4 out of the box.
• Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing.
• The large venturi lever has a soft touch rubber grip, which makes it easier to locate and

use. The lever reduces the amount of grit ingress and therefore resists any possible

friction giving a smooth operation.
• Manufactured with active protection against infection as all molded parts are produced

with an additive that kills MRSA, protects against E-Coli, bacteria and fungi, and is also

very effective against viruses, mould, yeast and algae.
• A silicone exhaust valve improves the breathing performance of the regulator. • The Comfo-biteTM mouthpiece virtually eliminates jaw-fatigue.

Apeks XTX50 Octopus

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