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West of Eden – Similan Island #7

When East of Eden became too crowded divers started to look for other dive sites in the area, they went to the west side of Koh Pa-Yu (Island 7) and discovered that the Garden of Eden does not only face east.

Like other western dive sites in the Similan Islands, West of Eden comprises giant granite boulders that create nice canyons, with walls covered with colourful soft corals and giant sea fans.


Some areas are characterised by rubble and sand slope falling to a depth of 30 to 35 metres. The shallow is a fringing reef and is home to many reef fish, and has stacked granite boulders covered with hard corals, soft corals, gorgonians and feather stars.

This is a favourite site for local guides as it has both types of Similan sites in one place. It´s a great place to see Ribbon Eels, Frogfish, Ghost Pipefish, Seamoths and many other colourful critters.

Type of Dive: Boulder/WallDepth: 12 - 35 metres

Visibility: 15 - 30 metres

temperature: 27 - 29 degrees

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

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