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Bangsak Wreck

named after the village of Bangsak 5km away, is an old tin mining boat that sank in 1984 in unknown circumstances at a depth of 18m. This boat was owned by the Boonsung Tin Mining Company and operated up and down the Andaman coast throughout the tin mining boom, which ended early last decade. At first, due to it's large size, the wreck lay close to the surface making it a safety hazard to local fishing vessels. So the Thai Navy were called in to bomb the boat, reducing its height by collapsing the decks, and creating the wreck that we dive on today.

Over the years many shells and hard and soft corals have attached themselves to the hull, which has become an artificial reef and naturally attracts large schools of fish from the flat, sandy seabed. This dive site has an outstanding abundance of fish life, including resident seahorses, curious batfish, a large family of porcupine fish and several kinds of crustaceans, along with large schools of barracuda and the occasional leopard shark.

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