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Khao Na Yak Reef

Closer to home, Khao Na Yak is the house reef for Khao Lak. Only 45 minutes away by local boat, and with a maximum depth of only 9m, this is a most relaxing dive and an excellent site for new divers or for those of you who haven't dived for a while.

Khao Na Yak Reef also appeals to experienced divers who like to spend some time focusing closely on the varied fish life of a tropical reef, with the advantage of a longer bottom time due to the shallow depth.

Many beautiful nudibranchs can be found here - and see if you can find the ghost pipefish! Also visited by many lionfish and the occasional ray and leopard shark, and including a colourful selection of tropical fish, this dive site is the perfect place to concentrate on the small things...

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