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Stunning view in centre of Khaolak

If you look for some place hanging out with friends for lunch & dinner , here is the most beautiful view in Khaolak town.

From Khaolak heading to the north you will see Police office on left side , keep look on the right you will see the sign board with menu podium right at Srichada Hotel and yes, that is the way to go up to this stunning place.

By car or motorbike is recommend if you go by your own , either way there is a contact number on the sign for calling a shutter bus to pick you up.

I went up with car there was a limited space while under construction (guessed they're making an extension of restaurant) and this was the overview.

Apparently by your own eyes could be reached Similan island no.9 and Koh Bon!!

After we sat outside the roof i was noticed that something at my end of sight when i looked throughout of this view , suddenly the staff told me there were Similan island no.9 and Koh Bon (these 2 islands away each other approximately 20 km.) that you were seeing now and given us binoculars.

I've been Khaolak for many years but this time i can see the islands from the shore which i just knew the place for a few weeks before (they opened here for 9 months already), it was one of amazing view i ever seen ,too.

Then, we order some drinks and foods for our lunch (for sure that i will come again for dinner next time , you can't imagine how is beautiful of sunset here).

During we were waiting for the food, i've enjoyed the view and make a good photos ( no one was there i went at lunch time so, it's like a private lunch for 2 of us)

Fried rice with egg

Pa-Nang-Kai or Pa nang curry with chicken

Vegetable stir with curry or Pak-Pad-Ka-Ree

A simply taste without spicy at all you would enjoyable with all foods here (if you like spicy please tell them but i think they made all foods for foreigner style). My lunch is cost me about 400 baht and no fee for incredible view. Next time i will post a sunset view , trust me you would definitely like this place.See you around :)

you can make a reservation for the best spot , too.

Go with a google map you will get there easier.

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