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2018-2019 is the big fishes season ever.


Recently , Similan divers have been a great memories with "every-day-whale-shark" spotted in everywhere in Similan & Surin islands. It looked very usual to see them around at the north of Similan no. 8-9 , Koh Bon , Koh Tachai and the world class dive site as Richelieu Rock the the beginning of 2018.

We also got a very lucky one with 2 whale sharks swimming in front through us twice in the same day (we went a day trip at Richelieu Rock in the nearly end of April).That day, about 5-7 boats are spotting and we were just arrived with a full maximum diver on MV Camic (The flexible boat where you can dive as a day trip or even stay overnight as a liveaboard) after having light breakfast with a toast of nutella and tropical fruits onboard we heard a whistle from other boat (regularly when they saw the big guys like Whale Sharks or Manta Rays) we knew that we have a chance to see those ones and just a second we've prepared our dive gear and camera without notices from our trip leader.

At 10.15 AM our first dive has begun, geared on then jumped off the platform boat at the last group. The first 30 minutes was very slow, swimming through harlequin shrimps at 25 meters depth spotted (our dive guide has known well where they normally were) so, it's quite rare in Andaman Sea and those little ones are incredible.Even though , we weren't have seen much big fishes in the beginning but the soft corals with a colourful made me enjoyable as always.

As you might know, Richelieu Rock is also well known for its large variety of small and rare marine critters, such as sea horses, frogfishes , pineapple fish , orange utang crab and several other species of crabs and shrimp.

So far so good until 33 minutes has turned up, all rustling sounds from diver tank's started increasing and we knew that was something big is coming around our dive leader, Ronaldo showed us a sign of whale shark by his hand gesture and rapidly swimming to another group where everyone is at, of course we were following him closely with hope that we won't miss our highlight of the day.

What i have seen they were a couple of whale shark is showing themselve to audience who surrounding them as they walking on the red carpet in Canne, what a incredibly moment i ever seen in my life, they both were more than 5 meters long and 2 meters wide and one of them was swimming underneath me (as you can see on the VDO).

We finished the dive at around 55 minutes and it made all of us day's by 2 whale sharks in a row , without guessing everyone on the boat asks us about it (because we were the last group and they thought we missed them). Hopefully, upcoming season will be the great season for all diver who visit Similan island as we had and we are making a report as you can see " Big fish Radar" in our website up to dated every time we saw anything interesting in every day (like on February 2018 some divers found a mola mola at Similan no.7)

Hit me up if you guys wanted to have a further detail of booking or information about Phuket and Khaolak , we are always available in every channels , see you next time :)

Pine Apple Fish

Frog Fish

Harlequin shrimps in Richelieu Rock

Double whale shark at Richelieu Rock

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